Frequently asked questions...

At what age can my puppy start to be groomed?

As long as your puppy has received his/her first set of vaccinations and has been given a clean bill of health by your veterinarian, he/she can begin to be groomed.

How long will my dog’s grooming take?

The answer to this really depends upon the size & condition of your pet. If your pet is larger or has many matts and needs to be de-matted, this will make the grooming process a little longer. A small- medium dog, in good condition, typically takes roughly two hours.

Can I stay with my dog while they are being groomed?

Most dogs are less fidgety when mommy or daddy aren’t around. Your pet will be able to focus more on their groomer, enabling the grooming process to go much quicker & enjoyable for your pet.

How often should I brush my dog’s hair?

Routine brushing and combing removes dead hair and dirt and prevents matting, while giving your pet a healthier and shinier coat

I want my dog to have a puppy cut - can you do that?

In the world of grooming, a "puppy cut" can means several different things. Basically, it means that you want your dog to look like it did when it was a puppy, which is the same length, all over the body.

My dog is matted but I want to keep his hair long. Is this possible?

Upon check-in, we will check your dog for matting. If we find matting, we will discuss with you the degree and if we think we will be able to remove them without discomfort to the dog. We pride ourselves in having the best equipment and grooming aids that can assist in matt removal, but if we feel that the dog will be in pain, we reserve the right to refuse to dematt with the best interest of your dog in mind.

How often should my pet be groomed?

The length of time between groomings depends on the type and condition of your pet's coat, but a general timeframe is anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks. Many people have their pet groomed every other week or even every week.

How is my dog dried?

After a bath, your pet is towel dried. He/she is then placed on a grooming table and dried with a stand dryer.

Do you cut the nails?

Yes, we are able to cut & buff your pet’s nails. Please keep in mind though, inside the nail is a blood vessel which grows with the nail called the quick. If the quick is too long, we can only trim the nails to a certain length before they start to bleed. Regular nail trims can prevent this.

How much does grooming cost?

It depends upon breed, condition and individual temperament.